August Strindberg, 1849-1912, Swedish Playwright

"I am a devilish fellow, who has mastered many arts."

"And all the things I have tossed off! Though Sweden was as hard as a stone! Novels and verses, plays, good and bad, Swedish Histories and Chinese, and four kids, the fifth on its way, and two wives."
Strindberg, 1887     Swedish please
Biography His life in short and the Occult Diary

Inferno crisis The novel Inferno on Strindberg´s sufferings, real and imagined, in Paris.

The Confessions of Strindberg Strindberg interviews himself. "To be a dramatist whose dramas were always being played" was his aspiration

A Blue Book On subjects like hate, mirages and love.

A Dream Play  
"child of my greatest pain"

Miss Julie A drama in one act by August Strindberg

Indra, a poem by August Strindberg

Strindberg Paintings Strindberg´s style as a painter reflects his character, wild and stormy

Drawings A few drawings, one showing what we do in Sweden in the summer....

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  August Strindberg

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"I have no wish at all to be a "great" writer, let alone a "great" man. It would just embarrass me and betray a false position. I want to go in nightgown and underwear and be known as a scandal-writer, that wouldn´t embarrass me."

Strindberg, 1884

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